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🔥 Smoke Detectors 🔥

Sometimes the small things can go unnoticed or forgotten, but that does not mean they are not important. Take your smoke detectors for example. According to the National Fire Protection Association two thirds of all house fire deaths occur in homes with missing or non-functioning smoke alarms.

For about the last 40 years smoke alarms have been wired into your homes electrical system. If your hardwired detectors say “Replace before 2022” or sooner, they are expired. If they have no expiry date on them, that means they are more than ten years old and definitely need to be replaced! Wired in detectors are a job for a qualified electrician or require a home owner electrical permit to replace.

Fortunately My Home happens to be your electrical expert and can take care of your alarms or any electrical issues you may have. Safety, craftsmanship and your satisfaction are our main priorities!

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Lindsay C
Lindsay C
08 jul 2022

Had a good experience from start to finish with my home improvement project. I would definitely recommend. Thanks.

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